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Spider Beam Antennas

QRZ callsign lookup:

These are some links we have found useful in our pursuit of IOTA and other DX activities

A simple but effective propogation prediction program W6ELProp see W6ELPROP . To use the program you will need solar data from WM7D’s solar resource page

Another very useful site is Kevin VE3EN’s Solar Cycle 24 pages SolarCycle 24

Current DX spots can be found at QRZ Live DX Spots which is constantly updated.

And dont forget Dx Summit for another great DXspot resource DX Summit

If you are interested in maritime mobile operation have a look at Maritime Mobile Service Network

If you are thinking of skippering a boat in Western Australian Waters to get to that rare IOTA you will need a Recreational Skippers Ticket and if operating maritime radios other than 27Mhz a Maritime Operators Certificate of Proficiency is needed. This is not required to operate an amateur station at sea or on a coastal island but is required for operation of a VHF or HF marine radio.