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VK6RAR Repeater

The VK6RAR repeater was originally proposed for portable operation associated with Rally Australia WICEN activities. Rally Australia in Western Australia has long since ceased and it wasn’t until after that time that the repeater was finally put on the air. Original configuration used a Philip’s FM828 radio but the conversion was not successful and the decision was made to use modules from Hamtronics. Wally VK6YS and Nigel VK6NI built the modules from kits and these were easy to construct and get going.

The repeater uses a Hamtronics R451 single channel receiver with a TA451 exciter transmitter, both are crystal controlled. A TD5 tone encode/decoder module is used to detect CTCSS and control the audio and squelch lines. A COR 6 controller and voice identifier board complete the basic repeater with a nominal 1.5w output. Although the voice ident capability is available the ident is actually a recording of the repeater call sign in morse. This was found to be easier than having a voice clash with repeater users.

The transmitter output is boosted to around 14w with a Minikits amplifier using a Mitsubishi M57716 RF power module. The whole repeater fits in a standard 19" rack.
The duplexer is a Polar Electronics bandpass filter type ’CI’. This is large and not really suitable for a truly portable repeater but until we can find something better they do a great job.

The repeater is powered by a 135ah sealed lead acid battery that is float charged from the mains.
The repeater remains licensed by WICEN WA and is available for deployment statewide to support emergency or community based activities.

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Repeater Exciter Repeater Exciter Repeater Exciter